Emery Dean, 49 from Grasonville, Maryland was recently sentenced to six years to serve in the State Prison system for two separate second degree assault convictions.  Mr. Dean was convicted of second degree assault upon a female victim following a jury trial in the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court on July 28, 2016. The assault took place on December 31, 2015 in Chester, Maryland when Mr. Dean violently and repeatedly struck the female victim in the face with a closed fist. Dean was sentenced to three years to serve in this case, which was double the recommended Maryland Sentencing Guidelines.  The violent actions of Mr. Dean in this case lead to the sentence above the recommended sentencing guidelines.  Dean also received 7 years suspended time and will be placed on supervised probation for three years following his release from prison.

Dean was also on probation for an unrelated assault conviction when December, 2015 assault took place.  A violation of probation hearing was held for the previous assault conviction on November 23, 2016 in the District Court.  The Court found Mr. Dean guilty of violation of probation and sentenced him to an additional three years of incarceration in the State Prison system. This sentence was ordered to be served consecutively (in addition to) the sentence handed down by the Circuit Court for the December, 2015 assault.

Lance Richardson, State’s Attorney, prosecuted both of these matters.  Mr. Richardson added that “gratuitous violence will not be tolerated in Queen Anne’s County. I am pleased with the sentences of both Courts and that justice was imposed for both of these assault victims.”