On December 13, 2016, Michael C. Chamberlain, aged 28, of Galena, Maryland was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months to serve in the state prison system for committing a robbery in the town of Centreville.  Chamberlain robbed a female employee of the Dollar General Store on June 3, 2016.  Chamberlain brandished a knife while confronting the female employee and forcefully removed $150.00 in cash from the store’s cash register.

Chamberlain was quickly identified by police as the person responsible for the crime.  When apprehended he confessed to committing the crime stating that he was suffering from drug withdrawal and needed money to purchase more drugs. Chamberlain has an additional 10 years of suspended, or back up, prison time.  He will be placed on 5 years of supervised probation upon his release from prison.  Should he violate any condition of probation he could be sentenced to an additional 10 years to serve in prison.

In an unrelated case, Chamberlain was sentenced to 30 months of incarceration for the theft of jewelry and other valuables from a residence in the Centreville area.  Police investigating this case used pawn records in that case to link Chamberlain to the crime.

State’s Attorney Lance Richardson commended the Centreville Police Department and Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office for their excellent work in both of these cases.  Richardson further noted that drug addiction is fueling many of the crimes throughout the State. He added that he will likely recommend a long term inpatient drug rehabilitation facility for Mr. Chamberlain just prior to his parole date.  Mr. Richardson feels this is a needed step for Mr. Chamberlain before he is released back into society.