In 2013 Mr. Richardson introduced a DUI Diversion Program to his list of diversion programming.  Unlike the other diversion courses offered by the State’s Attorney’s Office, the DUI program was developed by Mr. Richardson to educate first time DUI offenders of the very real and dangerous consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The DUI diversion program is not utilized like the other diversion programs offered by the State’s Attorney. This program is included as an additional requirement in the adjudication of certain DUI cases in which the Defendant is offered a plea agreement to a lesser offense of Driving While Impaired.  The Defendant will still be required to face a judge for a sentencing phase.

In addition to providing this program to first time offenders who face a driving under the influence charge, Mr. Richardson will allow any young driver, with parental approval if under the age of 18, to complete the course.  The goal of offering this program to youthful drivers, that are not facing criminal charges, is to prevent an arrest and more importantly a tragedy before it happens.

This program was designed to include content that should make any participant of the program give serious thought before they ever think about getting behind the wheel of an automobile in the future while under the influence of alcohol/drugs.       

For additional information on how to have your child participate in this program please call our office at 410-758-2264.