Bad Check Program

The Bad Check Program is designed to assist the local merchants and citizens of Queen Anne’s County who receive worthless checks. The primary goal of the program is to obtain full restitution for the victim (merchant or citizen) without adding to the financial burden of the criminal justice system. Read More »

Diversion Program

In September 2012, Mr. Richardson launched the State’s Attorney’s Office first ever diversion program. The program is primarily available to first time offenders of non-violent, misdemeanor offenses. The purpose of the program is to provide an avenue for first time offenders to obtain counseling/training through the program courses available. Read More »

DUI Education Program

In 2013, Mr. Richardson introduced a DUI Diversion Program to his list of diversion programming. Unlike the other diversion courses offered by the State’s Attorney’s Office, the DUI program was developed by Mr. Richardson to educate first time DUI offenders of the very real and dangerous consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Read More »


The State’s Attorney’s Office participates in a mediation program for matters that have been screened by the State’s Attorney or his staff attorneys and the belief is that the matter can possibly be resolved between the complaining party and the defendant without going to court. Read More »

Victim-Witness Information and Services

The State’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting all criminal offenses that occur with Queen Anne’s County. These cases range from serious motor vehicle traffic offenses to murder. If a crime has been committed against you we strongly recommend reporting the matter to the police. The police will most likely conduct an investigation and produce an official police report detailing any physical evidence and/or witness statements, which can assist our office if the matter proceeds to a court trial. Read More »