On June 21, 2014 law enforcement officers responded to the residence of 51 year old Richard R. Reinheimer in Stevensville, Maryland.  Police were at the residence to serve a body attachment on Reinheimer that was issued by a Judge of the District Court of Maryland for failing to appear at a scheduled court proceeding.  When the police arrived Mr. Reinheimer was uncooperative and refused to comply with the orders of law enforcement .  Reinheimer attempted to re-enter his residence and shut the door.  A Deputy Sheriff, with the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, was able to keep the door from shutting by placing a foot between the door and the door sill.  Reinheimer, realizing the Deputy’s foot was the obstacle preventing the door from shutting, began pushing the door closed against the Deputy’s leg, so hard the Deputy could hear the door making a cracking sound.  Additional police units arrived on the scene and Mr. Reinheimer was taken into custody.

On Janyary 16, 2015 Reinheimer was convicted by a Queen Anne’s County Jury in the Circuit Court of resisting arrest.  Reinheimer was subsequently sentenced to 3 years incarceration at the Division of Corrections.

Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca Finn Matchett prosecuted this matter.