Fear Thy Neighbor“, a nationally broadcasted television show based out of Canada, is preparing to air an episode in February 2021 surrounding the case of Charles “Pete” Richter, who was convicted of shooting and killing his neighbor, Mark Xander, in 2011. After several years of feuding with his neighbor, Richter shot Xander in the back after an argument at the tree line that separated the two properties in Stevensville, Maryland.  Mr. Xander collapsed in his front yard after being shot and subsequently died as a result of the gunshot.  Mr. Richardson subsequently prosecuted the case against Mr. Richter, which resulted in Richter being convicted of Second Degree Murder and the use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.  Richter was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence and remains incarcerated.

The television crew was at the Office of the State’s Attorney on November 5, 2020 and interviews were conducted with Mr. Richardson and his Chief of Staff, Rob Penny.  Both played large roles in the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Richter.

Pictured below is Mr. Richardson preparing to be interviewed. His office was turned into a filming studio for the day.