Gary Montague, Jr. of Dumfires, VA entered an Alford Plea in Queen Anne’s County District Court to Disturbing the Peace and Reckless driving for an incident that occurred on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in September, 2020.  Montague was charged with numerous violations after his vehicle was caught on video, by both cameras installed on the Bay Bridge and private citizens, doing “doughnuts” that caused a major disruption to traffic.

Montague was driving his black 2013 Nissan 370Z on the Bay Bridge around 4:45pm on Sunday, September 27, 2020 when he began doing donuts in the lanes of the Bay Bridge.  Police were able to identify the vehicle, which led to the identity of Montague as the driver.

Montague was sentenced to 60 days in jail. That sentence was suspended except for one weekend, which will be served at the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center.  He is also placed on 18 months of probation.

Deputy State’s Attorney Michael “Mick” Cuches, who prosecuted this case, said “we did recommend incarceration for this incident due to the danger he placed upon the motoring public and as a deterrent for anyone who thinks this type of behavior is acceptable.  I’m hopeful that this sends a strong message to the community that this type of conduct is not acceptable, not safe, and will not be tolerated.”