On March 10, 2017, in the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County, Rickey Ryan Anderson, aged 37, formerly from Denton, Maryland, was sentenced to 5 years to serve in the Maryland Division of Corrections for his conviction of felony theft scheme of at least $1,000, but less than $10,000.

Anderson entered this plea in the Circuit Court and his conviction was based upon a theft-scheme perpetrated on the Queenstown Bank of Maryland.  The facts of the case consisted of Mr. Anderson opening a bank account at Queenstown Bank on March 25, 2016 by depositing $40 of cash into the account.  Soon after opening the account Mr. Anderson began depositing checks into the account and then withdrawing the money almost immediately.  The deposits were all made using bogus checks.  Anderson made a total of fifteen deposits at various Queenstown Bank branches in Queen Anne’s, Caroline and Talbot Counties, often using the drive thru transactions and accomplices to complete the deposits and withdrawals.  This scam began on March 31, 2016 and ended on April 4, 2016. During this 5 day span he stole in excess of $5,000 from the bank.

Mr. Anderson was able to perpetrate his theft scheme because he used a bogus out of state checking account and made the checks payable to himself, thus the bank accepted the checks.  Before the bank could determine the checks were fraudulent the hold period had lapsed and Mr. Anderson was able to withdraw the funds.

Anderson had recently relocated from Virginia and was on parole for armed robbery in Virginia.  He had transferred his parole supervision to Caroline County and was under the supervision of Maryland Parole and Probation  when this crime occurred.  Upon serving his sentence in Maryland, Anderson will be returned to Virginia where he faces parole violations and will face the balance of his 21 year prison sentence for the armed robbery charge.  Mr. Anderson was also ordered to repay the bank for their losses.

Anderson has a history of drug abuse and said this was the motivation behind his committing the scam on the bank.

State’s Attorney Lance Richardson prosecuted this case and thanked his Chief of Staff Rob Penny, Detectives Troy Lowery and Chase Armington of the Office of the Sheriff for thoroughly investigating this matter to bring Mr. Anderson to justice for this crime.