On April 17, 2018 the last of Four District of Columbia men was sentenced after being convicted of Felony theft for their role in stealing almost Four Thousand Dollars’ worth of coats from the Eddie Bauer store located at the Queenstown Outlet. Deputy State’s Attorney Michael “Mick” Cuches prosecuted these cases and was able to secure guilty pleas to the top charge in each case.

 On December 5, 2017 at approximately 12:09 PM, the manager of the Eddie Bauer store, Ms. Michelle Satchell, saw three men enter the store at separate times. She approached each one individually and asked if they needed helping finding anything. All three declined assistance. She then watched the three men meet near the coat racks and each grab a total of 15 coats valued at $3,909.85 from the coat racks and run out the front door of the store. Witnesses in the parking lot saw them run into a waiting silver/gray car. Ms. Satchell immediately called 911 and described what she observed. A bystander witnessed the men get into a gray Jeep Cherokee with DC registration. This witness followed the vehicle onto Westbound route 50, called 911, and was able to give location updates to law enforcement officers. Maryland State Police Trooper First Class Brandon Wilson and Maryland Transportation Authority Senior Officer Blubaugh were on duty and located in the area of the Bay Bridge. They were both able to locate the vehicle on the Bay Bridge and stop it once the car reached the Western Shore. Trooper First Class Robert Isabelle responded to the scene as well. He immediately observed 15 blue, black, camouflage, and brown heavy coats in the passenger compartment and in the rear hatch of the vehicle. TFC Isabelle then made contact with the four occupants. The driver was identified as Eric Harmon, front right passenger was Javlin Patterson, back right passenger was Michael Richardson, and the back left passenger was Paul Woodland.

 Each individual gave a different story after waiving their Miranda Rights. The driver claimed he was an Uber driver; Mr. Woodland said that he had merely gone with them for a ride and fell asleep; Mr. Patterson said he did not know where the 15 heavy winter coats in the car came from; and Mr. Richardson said he never left the car. Mr. Harmon had an active arrest warrant through Prince George’s County for armed robbery. All four were arrested for felony theft and transported to the Maryland State Police Centreville Barrack. Ms. Satchell responded to the Barrack and positively identified each suspect that entered the store and physically removed the merchandise. She also said that one of the men dropped a pair of white sunglasses while running out of the store. Without telling the suspects where the glasses were found, TFC Isabelle asked who owned the glasses. Mr. Patterson said they were his glasses. The recovered stolen property was returned to the Eddie Bauer store.

 The case was prosecuted by Deputy State’s Attorney Cuches. Each individual was convicted of the top charge, felony theft between $1,500 and $25,000. Mr. Harmon was sentenced to serve Three years of active incarceration in the Division of Corrections. Mr. Richardson was sentenced to 30 months of active incarceration in the Division of Corrections. Mr. Woodland was sentenced to Three years of incarceration with all suspended except for one year of active incarceration, followed by a period of supervised probation , and Mr. Patterson was sentenced to serve 12 months of incarceration with all suspended except for 85 days, followed by supervised probation.