David Scott Kneavel, 42 of Barclay, was convicted of first, third and fourth degree burglary as well as theft less than $100 on April 25, 2016 following a trial in the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court.  Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Cuches successfully prosecuted this case in which Kneavel is facing twenty years in prison.

The conviction stems from an incident that occurred on October 26, 2015.  On that day at approximately 8:30am Mr. Thomas Urie, a 93 year old former combat medic in World War II, was driving from his home in Barclay to Centreville when he observed a male, later identified as Kneavel, hitchhiking outside of Barclay.  Mr. Urie stopped and provided Mr. Kneavel a ride to Route 301.  Later that day Mr. Kneavel showed up at Mr. Urie’s front door.  Mr. Kneavel identified himself to Mr. Urie as the individual he had previously provided a ride and advised that he lived next door.  Mr. Kneavel then asked to borrow $40 and to borrow Mr. Urie’s truck.  Mr. Urie loaned Mr. Kneavel the money and truck, “because is was the neighborly thing to do” says Mr. Urie.

Mr. Urie later went to his son’s home nearby.  After returning home at approximately 4:30pm, Mr. Urie’s truck had been returned to the residence and the keys to the truck were at his front door.  Mr. Urie went to bed that evening shortly before 11:00 pm and was later awakened by the barking and growling of his dog.  Mr. Urie walked to his living room and observed Mr. Kneavel standing in the living room rummaging through items within the residence.  As Mr. Urie approached, Mr. Kneavel grabbed the 93 year old Urie by his shirt and began demanding the keys to his truck.  Mr. Urie refused and fought back against Kneavel.  Mr. Urie was able to push Kneavel from the residence and immediately phoned his son, who in turn phoned police.

Deputies from the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office arrived and were advised of Mr. Urie’s interaction with Mr. Kneavel earlier in the day and the facts surrounding Mr. Kneavel being inside the residence.  Investigation revealed that Mr. Kneavel made entry into Mr. Urie’s home by cutting and removing a window screen.  Mr. Kneavel was also reported to have stolen coins totaling $80.00 during the burglary.

Shortly after arriving at the Urie residence, Deputies received information from a concerned citizen about a suspicious male hitchhiking a short distance from the Urie residence.  Deputies responded to the area and located Mr. Kneavel walking along the road.  Police arrested Mr. Kneavel and located the stolen coins from Mr. Urie’s home in his pants pockets.

A pre-sentence investigation has been ordered and sentencing has been scheduled for June 14, 2016 in the Circuit Court.