On January 9, 2023, in the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County, Timothy Alan Sutch, aged 31, last known address of Marion Quimby Drive in Stevensville, Maryland was sentenced to 8 years to serve to the Division of Correction of Maryland, for violating the terms of probation for his original conviction for second degree assault. Sutch originally pled guilty before the Honorable Lynn Knight, Circuit Court Judge for Queen Anne’s County.  He was originally sentenced to serve one year and a day of incarceration and then granted probation with an additional suspended prison sentence.  The case was prosecuted by Lance G. Richardson, State’s Attorney for Queen Anne’s County.  Mr. Sutch had gained notoriety on social media when he taunted the Office of the Sheriff after being featured on their most wanted page.  This was not mentioned at the violation of probation hearing.  Sutch had relocated to West Virginia without authorization from his probation agent.  While in West Virginia Sutch was charged weapons offenses and other crimes which are still pending. Ultimately Sutch was extradited back to Maryland to face his probation violation.  Sutch was also convicted of drug possession and driving on a suspended license while on probation.  Once extradited back to Maryland Sutch was allowed to enter a rehabilitative program, which he was summarily discharged from for violating program rules.  After considering all of these factors Judge Knight revoked Sutch’s probation and imposed the vast majority of the suspended sentence, which was the request of the probation agent and echoed by Richardson. State’s Attorney Richardson thanks the Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County for returning Mr. Sutch to Maryland to answer for his multiple violations of his probation.