Lance Richardson, State’s Attorney, was challenged to complete the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in support of ALS.  Lance was challenged by his Chief of Staff, Rob Penny.  In addition to completing the challenge, Lance also made a contribution to the ALS Association. Richardson states “Although the Ice Bucket Challenge has grabbed the Country by storm and has everyone finding new ways to get ice water poured on them lets not forget the main reason for the challenge, to bring awareness and raise money for ALS.  It seems everyone has jumped on board for such a good cause, even a former President of the United States got in on the action.  It’s incredible that to date the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $113 million dollars to assist in the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” Lance completed the challenge at his Church Hill home with the assistance of his wife, Denise, daughter, Paige and son, Garrhett.  #2