Garland E. Wright, aged 28, from St. Mary’s County, Maryland, was sentenced to a total of 8 years to serve in the State prison system on January 12, 2018, for two separate second degree assault convictions stemming from an incident outside of the Jetty Bar and Restaurant, which occurred on February 18, 2017. Mr. Wright was convicted of second degree assault upon Arthur and Kathleen Eisenstein before the Honorable Thomas G. Ross, Judge of and for the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County.   The case was prosecuted by Lance G. Richardson, State’s Attorney for Queen Anne’s County.  Mr. Wright was represented by the Office of the Public Defender. The details of the incident involved Mr. Wright maliciously damaging a road sign outside of the Jetty.  Mr. Wright repeatedly punched the sign and yanked it out of the ground.  The victim, Arthur Eisenstein, approached Mr. Wright and asked if he was okay because Wright was behaving erratically.  At that time Wright turned his aggression towards Mr. and Mrs. Eisenstein.   Mr. Wright violently and repeatedly, with a closed fist, struck Art Eisenstein in the face and then punched Ms. Eisenstein once in the face with a closed fist.  After the initial assault, Mr. Eisenstein followed Mr. Wright to see where he was fleeing to in order to provide the information to the police.  When Wright observed Eisenstein pursuing him he then turned and attacked Mr. Eisenstein again.  In the process of the second attack Eisenstein’s leg was broken and he suffered lacerations to his face. Wright repeatedly stomped Eisenstein’s head and neck area while Eisenstein was defenseless and laying semi-conscious on the ground.  Judge Ross imposed an 8 year prison sentence to serve, which was well in excess of the 3 year recommended sentence of the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines, due to the severity of Mr. Wright’s violent actions.  Wright was also sentenced to an additional 8 month sentence for punching Ms. Eisenstein in the face, which resulted in less serious injuries.  Wright is now also facing an additional violation of probation matter in Charles County for an unrelated burglary which he was on probation for at the time he committed his crimes in Queen Anne’s County. State’s Attorney Lance Richardson stated that “gratuitous violence will not be tolerated in Queen Anne’s County and he was pleased with the sentences and the justice imposed for both of these victims.”