On August 17, 2018, Philip Kirwan III was sentenced by the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County to 23 years of incarceration for several burglaries in the town of Queen Anne. Assistant State’s Attorney Leigh Dillon prosecuted the cases.

Over the course of several months, Kirwan repeatedly burglarized multiple homes in both the Queen Anne’s County and Talbot County. Each time, he would break into homes during the evening hours to steal quickly accessible cash, coins, or items that could be pawned to purchase drugs. Ultimately, Kirwan was apprehended by police shortly after committing his last burglary. When questioned by detectives, Mr. Kirwan admitted to entering and stealing from each of the houses charged.

When he is released from prison, Kirwan will be on five years of supervised probation, with conditions including paying restitution to the victims in each case.

The case was investigated by officers and detectives from the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff, the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, and the Maryland State Police.  All of the cases were prosecuted by ASA Dillon in Queen Anne’s County, due to a conflict of interest in Talbot County.